The members of the Madbury Planning Board are appointed to a 3-year term by the Board of Selectmen. Meetings are held at the Town Hall on the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of each month. Deliberations are guided by the Master Plan in accordance with the Rules of Procedure.

The Master Plan Update Committee is scheduled to complete its mission by summer of 2017.

The Agritourism Committee has completed its assignment.

"The valuable exchange of ideas and information between an applicant and the board before a plan is submitted can eliminate costly redesigns and save time for all parties involved."

The Planning Board in New Hampshire
A Handbook for Local Officials, November 2016

An email to the Chairman will get your project started.

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Public Notice - Goss (continued)
The Madbury Planning Board will consider an application for a Conditional Use Permit under the Ordinances and Regulations of the Town of Madbury on Wednesday, April 19, 2017, at 07:00 pm, Madbury Town Hall, 13 Town Hall Road, Madbury NH. Charles and Beth Goss present this application for Map 6 Lot 6 located at 6 Cherry Lane. The applicants propose to host events including on-farm weddings and other gatherings of up to 250 people, educational, equestrian, and other history and agriculture-related programs on a seasonal basis in accordance with the agritourism provision of the zoning ordinances. If the application is found complete and meets the standards of the regulations, it will be accepted for consideration and a public hearing on the matter will follow.

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Official Documents
This web site has been developed for the convenience of the citizens of Madbury. Visitors are reminded that all official documents are kept at the Town Hall.

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